Dashboard with Plug-ins

Okay so I’m interested in creating a dashboard that could serve many different purposes. And have different “functions” or Plug-ins per se. I was wondering if this would be possible using bubble. Not to experienced at the moment.

So imagine having a dashboard and on the menu left I would want a shop of Plug-ins that would add functionalities to the menu like say orders would be a functioning tab I could add and remove from my menu. Or products?

Think of WordPress and bubble itself. I want to be able to add/install, remove and create plug-ins consistently for this dashboard

Thanks for your inputs!

Easy answer is yes, and take some time to learn Bubble under the hood.
Graphics: plugin AmChart Pro
If you make responsive your app, many options for the left menu.
Menu: plugin Slidable, or custom.
Just my 5 cents :wink:


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