Data API constraints being ignored, and processor heavy

I tried
and got back
{“statusCode”:404,“body”:{“status”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Field not found _id for type entry”}}
So how do I identify the “unique id” field in a GET API URL?

I tried this
and got back an array of results, but they’re not sorted in ascending order by field "chosen-datetime

I tried this
and got this
“response”: {
“results”: ,
“cursor”: 80000,
“count”: 0,
“remaining”: 0
Also the server CPU spiked up to 103%
So does that mean if I want to get a lot of records,and I need to get them 100 at a time, I can’t just move the cursor by 100 on each request because after I get to cursor 10,000 or so Bubble will still be recreating and processing the entire list to get to cursor offset 10,000?

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