Data API - How to post data to another bubble app with API

Hello! I have successfully setup GET data from another Bubble App (I will call App A) with API Connect as below pictures.

But if I need to post new record back to the same Data Type in App A, how to setup in API Connect plugin? and how to use create a new thing?

Please advise.


Hello @mongkonjoe

Thank you for your advice. I still stuck in POST API settings in terms of one bubble app data to another app data. This video did not show how to setup exactly what I need.

Could you please give me more examples?


Hello @mongkonjoe

Perhaps this one can complement it:

I will take your advice and try to study for finding the most useful methods.


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for anyone else stumbling here… i recall figuring this out and then forgetting how to do it, argh!

maybe it’s because with bulk uploading i was using the Body section and after fiddling with it, I tried using Parameters and voila, it worked!

Change Use as to “Action” instead of Data. Then in plugins, while making an action, one will see their API POST call. Hope this helps.