Data base count sends email?

Hello, I am working on an app for the classroom. A teacher creates a positive notice (to the database) when a student does the right thing. I would like to trigger an email to the teacher every time a student has received 3 positive notices. I cannot figure out how to trigger the email based on every 3 notices created in the database. Any ideas?

None of these replies worked?

Should be pretty easy to get set up by doing @mikeloc 's way

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It’s even sillier when you know that I went back and forth in email with him and offered to jump on a call and knock it out in no time. Not sure why you would post the exact same question again, but best of luck, @benrcalvert.

I unfortunately did not fully understand Mike’s way. He and I have been trying to schedule a time for him to help me but have not been able to as of yet… The students are not in the Database as users as he asked. They are selected by teachers from a dropdown when a notification is sent. I was not clear as to what he meant by associating a number with student name? Do you understand? Thanks for your help and patience… I am a teacher and struggling to learn this NoCode stuff

Mike, I am sorry our schedules have not synced up. My apologies… As I said, I did not have cell signal at the cabin and the wifi there would not support google chat. Did not mean to offend or waste your time.

So is one of your datatypes is “Student” and another one “Teacher” ? Or is everyone a User? How do you have your data structure? If students and teachers all login with their email and password then I suggest (and probably @mikeloc did as well) to just use the default User data type and use another field to differentiate whether it’s a student or teacher.

Mike suggested adding a number field to your student data type. The general idea is you have a number field under your student data type, then when the teacher gives a positive notice it adds 1 to that number. Then once you get to that point we can talk about the multiple ways to trigger an email and a “reset” of that number field when it hits 3