Need help with simple count and trigger

I have reached the limits of my NoCode skills despite my best attempts… Looking for someone to help with last details.


I’m ready to help you. Describe your problem and I will try to help you solve it

For this, you must be on atleast a professional plan. And to achieve it, you have put a database trigger.

Like if a techer give student a star, on student there should a field num_of_star.

When that number of star reach centain point. Trigger a email.

You should dabase trigger in backend to check every time, num_of_star changes. When it reaches you limit, trigger email.

If you can give ne some more information. I will do it for you, For Free. :wink:

Later if you wish you can give me a compensation if you like, els Give me nothing. :heavy_heart_exclamation: