Data Breach Warning on Chrome

While testing a page that is for a sign up, after I signed a user up with a password I got this message from my browser

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 4.35.00 PM

What would this be about? How to fix that as I’ve never come across this before and felt that Bubble was responsible for passwords and their protection. I used an input element with type set to password.

@boston85719 do you use the same ‘exact’ password across all your apps in your one bubble account ‘when testing’ or ‘not’?

This means that the password you used is known to have been breached. (Google knows this because Google.)

For example: “asdf”, “1234”, “annoying1”, “iloveyoukimkardasian”, etc.

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Okay, I think I had used the same password for two different test user accounts. That could explain it.

I use to do the same thing across all test apps, I got lazy when in test mode. To fix it I opened chrome passwords > bubble > reset acc pw > I now make sure I use a more human read ‘unique’ pw’s for each app. Problem never popped back up.

** addition
Once I had reset acc pw > I went back into each app I was testing (using the same pw) and reset them all uniquely.

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You’re a riot.