Data calculation Allocation to respective months

I am very new to programming world and hence I have many questions.
I am creating a form where user needs to login and add their expenses as shown in the below wireframe

Now when they add, it will go into the “Expense” table which I can do through workflow. However I want to get monthly spend to be displayed on the dashboard and also for forecasting purposes. So I am planning store this in a monthly format in a different table which is “Monthly Expenses”.

I need help to build the workflow logic to do monthly apportionment when “Add” button is clicked and inserted into the “Monthly Expense” table.

Thanks for the great support as always.

Don’t create monthly expenses table , rather use “group by” features to group the expense by month.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Thanks for the suggestion @ankur1 . The reason why I have planned to store the data separately
is for the performance reasons (also from UX). When we are dealing with large data sets say 500k records/customer (in a multi tenant app) that we use to generate another 500k forcasted estimates then the system could take a long time to load. If can have this forecast generated and stored in the Data base it is easier to render into the platform.

Please feel free to suggest. Thanks

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