Data hierarchy to passing data between pages for a restaurant app

I am creating a restaurant app similar to Uber Eats. I’m trying to set up the following hierarchy: menu --> menu item ----> dish description, dish price, dish picture etc. Any ideas on how I could accomplish this? In the data tab for my app, I see data types and fields for those types but no subfields. I started by creating a data type called and a field called menu item. Then I created a type called menu item and assigned fields dish description, dish price, dish picture, etc… to this. This doesn’t seem right though.

I want to be able to show users a feed and for users to click on a menu link in this feed that will show them a restaurants menu with menu items displayed in a repeating groups and the dish descriptions, pictures for each menu item displayed in the repeating groups.

I set up a menu uploader for users as a repeating group with a group containing some inputs and clearing them to create menu items. I tried to then save this repeating group as a menu.

I appreciate any ideas for how to structure the data. Thanks guys!


That should help.

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Thank you Nigel! That link was very helpful! I fixed one of my problems and restructured my data as you described.

I’m still having one issue though. I set up menu items a specific user creates to go into a repeating group which I called the menu. I’m trying to save all of the menu items inside the repeating group as a list with a button. In the button’s workflow, I made it create a new thing type= menu. Then + set another field entered Menu Items but there is no = repeating group A . I can only add, remove, set or the list.

My data is set up so a menu has a field of type = menu item and this is a list.

Think the problem’s solved now. I used set list to define a repeating groups data as a type of data with multiple entries in the database.