Linking many Repeating Groups

Dear Partners,

It is not clear to me how to make a link to many repeating grous, how I can structure my database, etc.
For example:

Level1_RGroup: KIND_OF_FOOD

Level2_RGroup: Hamburger

Level2_RG: Pizza

I want users click, in the home page, on one of the KIND_OF_FOOD, and let them go to the (Level2) Hamburgers options, pizza options, etc
So then, when they choose a kind of Hamburger, pizza, etc, they can get more information about it, including the option to buy.

I hope someone can help me.


Hey @thecarllos,

I’m not sure about the precise relationship you want to have between these two data types, but here’s one approach you could take:

Imagine that you have a custom data type called “Ingredient” for things like bacon, salad, etc.
You could also have a custom data type called “Food”. Food would have a text field for the name (this would be “Hamburger”, “Pizza” etc.), and it would also contain a LIST OF INGREDIENTS as a field. This creates the relationship between the two data types. Hope this helps!

Hi @jacobgershkovich,
Thanks for your replaying and help!

The question about your answear is that, in my case, “Ingredient” is a field of one kind of Hamburger, etc.

I’d like you see that ilustration, plz:

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