Data in table is not being displayed

Hi everyone.

I am trying to display data into a table and no data is being displayed. Here is what I am doing.

and here is what is displaying:

There is data in the data-table since I am just trying to change from RG to a table to make the data be displayed with more responsiveness.

Have you checked the debugger?

Yes, no error has appeared.

Then what does it show?

Shows an empty table:


I mean for the specific parts of it that you’re expecting to see something? (what does the debugger show for those?)

Alright. Well does not show something that gives an idea of the problem:

Here is how the debugger show from the table I am wanting to implement:

And here is how the debugger show from the older page I want to stop using once I make the table works:

I moved the data from row 1 to row 2 and the data appeared. I do not know why it happened?

However I needed to bring the data down to not leave the first row empty but the row 0 is empt now.


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