Data is not added to database

I have the following problem:

My users can create a company after the general registration. If they indicate that they have a company, an ID for a company is already generated during registration.

The person can then add the data for the company in their personal profile. That’s why my workflow is “Make changes to company” at the “Save” button.

Unfortunately, the data is not added to the database.

Company is a separate data type.

What am I doing wrong?

I hope I have described the problem well enough so that one of you can help me.


@chri.wippel Welcome to the community!

For those users that did not indicate a company … is there a chance that there is no company to make changes to?

Also …. Check for privacy rules getting in the way perhaps

Hi @cmarchan and thank you :slight_smile:

Users who did not select that they have a company at the beginning do not see the mask at all.

I have configured it in the database as follows:

Under “User”, the user has the following field “user_company” - the field type is “Company”. All other information about the company is then in the “Company” data type.

What do I have to select in the text fields so that the name etc. appears in the database?

Answer: Company’s name
(The above assumes that you have a text field called “name” in the company data type)