Data not fully loading on Initial Page Load after Sign In

I’m confused as this was working last week without issue. Hopefully, you can give me some ideas as to what to track down.

When I sign in initially using Google or Microsoft credentials, only part of the data on the page is loaded. If I refresh the page, all of the data is loaded. I’ve gone through every scenario I can think of to ensure the page load process is as light as possible.

I’ve tried implementing code in the Page Load event to only show the page if the page is fully loaded. It waits but still doesn’t show all the data when the page appears.

This is a one-page app with 6 tabs. I’m thinking that maybe it’s loading every visual on every tab at once, even though the visual may not be visible. If this is the case, is there a way to control this, based on a state setting?

Thanks for any input!

Using the debugger, on initial load of the page, I see the query for the User’s Projects is empty.

If I refresh the page, the query populates.

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