[New Feature] Detecting if the page is loaded

We now have a new data source called “Page Loaded Above Fold” that tracks whether all the data is loaded that’s necessary to render elements that are visible to the user when they first view the page. This is to make it easier to control how elements show up… sometimes you want to show things as soon as you have data for them (that’s bubble’s default), but sometimes you want to wait til everything is ready to avoid flickering.

More details here: https://bubble.io/reference#Data.DataSources.PageData.Page Loaded Above Fold


Thank you @Josh, I will use it for as you say

Also, could not we access this data change from “Trigger a workflow when data change” ?
I know it’s a bit different than listening to a Thing’s data change but would be useful for things like for instance :

  • hide spinner popup after page above fold has loaded
  • trigger a process after a search has been done on page loading (so we are sure it has been done). I already had to struggle a bit on this.

Clearly it’s a power user feature that would be nice to use as a “Trigger when page has finished loaded”-like.

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Can anyone point out how to use this, maybe a screenshot?

Ah Ok. Now it’s just like you said it needs to be added to the workflow. Then it can be used in a popup for example.

Hey guys, I’m temporarily disabling this feature… it’s causing some issues with live apps. Will re-enable it shortly.

Thanks for update. Hopefully it will also get an update to do the same via workflow :wink:

Hello @josh

Any update on this yet?

Other use case for which “Trigger a workflow when page has finished loaded” would be useful :

I already tried several time to get the page srolls down to an entry of a Repeating Group on page load (according to a parameter in the url). Right now it doesn’t work because the entry can be found on loading.


Hi guys, sorry for the delay fixing this… it’s back online now. I also added a second datasource, “Page Loaded (Entire)”, which works the same way but takes into account below-the-fold elements.

Re: running a workflow, I think what I’m going to do is a create a generic event that fires when a given condition is true, since that would allow you to do this (and a lot more). Will release this shortly.


For running a workflow, you can use this:

thinks the generic event + loaded condition will allow me to remove a timer from CPA app, thanks

Could this feature be used to create skeleton screens…displaying the basic structure of the page and gradually filling in the missing pieces as they download?

Couple of examples…


Did you find out anything about skeleton screens? It might be useful for our photo heavy project

Page Loaded (Entire) does not consider repeating groups?

I tried to use the function because the loading time of my repeating group is quite slow, but it hides the loading screen as soon as the full page is loaded. But only then it starts looking at the databanks and populating the repeating groups…

Can that be fixed? Or is there a workaround?

It happens to me too. I guess that as you said page loaded means all the elements of the page but not the repeating group data.

I observed this as well printing PDF (with SelectPDF). The trigger “page is loaded (entire)” sometimes happens a bit too soon. But it happened once in a while. Don’t if it’s due to memory cache or something else

Well if you can reproduce that one reliably with a repeating group please file a bug report.

I tried to do it after writing this post but could not get it again on the same page it happened before. If I succeed in, I’ll fil up a bug report, definitely.
@paul.miller.germany @ryanck if you have a page with a permanent error, can you do it please ?