Data not stored when a user logs out

So I’m collecting user data on a page and redirecting them to another page once the required data is submitted.

During the session where the user is logged in, the data is being taken to another page smoothly, however, once the user logs out and is logged in again, all the data is gone.

It is however stored in the database which I can see in the data section

Below are some pictures of that page’s workflow

Kindly help!

Would also appreciate if someone helped me with a solution to take the Business name as input directly instead of having to copy-paste it from the search bar each time

Workflow 213

I have already tried changing the data source to the current user’s location details, which is the name of the data type but no luck

please help

Hey @gautamkrishna09

The reason may be that the New Location Details data created in your workflow gets passed correctly in the URL when the user is logged in, but when User logs back to the app, the data parameter is no longer in the URL, therefore it cannot be displayed in the page ‘app’

If that’s the case, depending on your use case you need to find a way to either:

  • retrieve that data when the user logs in, then redirect the user to the page ‘app’ with that data
  • load the last New Location Details data on page load, only when Current Page New Location Details is empty
  • display a list of the User’s New Location Details to the user in a RG after he/she logs in. When clicking on a cell (i.e. on a New Location Details), redirect to the page app with the data from ‘Current cell’s New Location Details’

Hope that makes sense

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