Saved Data by current user should display on page when he login again or page is refersh


I have made two pages, when the current user is login and he has answer the questions and click on save button

And then click on next button and come back to this page (by clicking on previous button) or he log out or page is refresh…
the answer which he has selected should be seen by him… if he wants to make changes…

I have set the workflow to save the data and data is also saving in my database
but problem is when page is refresh or I come back to this page…the data is not displaying

It reset the data… any idea how to display data on the page?

One way is to “do search for… :last item” and add a constraint “Created by=Current User”

Check this link:


I have tried this, but it is not working for the radio buttons…

Any other solution do you have?

Sorry for my previous posts. When I was creating an example, I forgot that you are using radio buttons. Then I created an example using radio buttons but I saw some problems so I took my time to fix them.

So here is my solution, but there is a small problem. Since you want to display the result if the user uses Facebook “Yes” or “No” on page load, I had to create a list containing: Yes, No. So you need to add an action in your signup process. I have added this step in the signup process in my app. Click on a reusable element called “Signup/Login Popup” and check the workflow on the signup button. I couldn’t add “Yes” and “No” in the same box so I created two boxes for each (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram). If anyone knows how to add two items in the same box, please share with us!

Hi Grace,
Thanks for your help.

I have gone through your solution which you have mentioned above.

But my page consist below mentioned points: -

  1. On every page there will be save button, when the user clicks on it, it will store the data for us.
  2. After clicking on save button, he can go to next page by clicking on next button.
  3. If the user wants to change the previous answers of questions, then he can go back by clicking on previous button.
  4. The answer which the user selected it should appear…

Basically, the answer selected by the user should display on refreshing the page/ when he logs out and come back / gone to next page and came back to previous page.

I am creating like a google docs