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Data Privacy Help?


I’ve built an app over the last few days but I have a concern about data security and I’m a little stumped on how it works with Bubble.

I have two users - Employers and Students they are defined by a data field that is set upon account registration. At the moment both can view each others fields…

Does this mean Students can access employer’s data and vice versa even if in the app the page is blocking this from occuring?


Hi, you need to specify when building your pages what a user can/can’t see based on its type (Employers & students)
You may want to send them on a specific page when they sign up, or you can do conditions to display only a specific content when the user type is “Student” for example.

Have you checked this lesson? You have trainers and “trainee”, I think it should be useful for what you are trying to do:

Hi thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what ive done already I was just concerned when I deployed my app and was suddenly met with the warning about setting policy’s for the two groups. Due to the constant searching of data fields between the two users I cant restrict the views for either user “type”