Data privacy issue at logout


I have all data publicly visible in the database. Did this as in training videos, it is recommended this is the best option when trying to build role based access control.


  • I have a condition applied where current user can see repeating group based on a filter
  • When current user logs out, briefly the user ends up seeing everything unfiltered before going to the login screen

How do I resolve this as I do not wish for this user to see certain information.

This way your data is available to any user.
It doesn’t matter what you do to hide elements. It doesn’t matter if you find a way to avoid the brief display of the elements on logout.
Your data can be accessed by anyone, the browser of the user will receive all the data of searches.

If some data shouldn’t be available to a user you need to apply privacy rules.

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Thank you Dorilama

what specific privacy rules should I be setting for such? As in, what expressions should I be using?

That depends entirely to what data you have and what is your logic for who can see what.
For example: do you want to allow the users to access each other data (name, email ecc). What about data created by the user? maybe some data needs to be private but you still need to make searches based on other data.
Try some rules and see what happens.


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