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RG not showing up when logged off

Id like for my RG to be visible to all. When I am logged in it shows the items but when I am logged off it doesnt. I went into privacy settings and enabled everything to be visible but it still doesnt show the items. All data/content is referencing the correct DB.

does anyone know why it is not showing up?

I’ve been beating my head on this keyboard all day long. With what I am trying to accomplish today… :tired_face:

Is there anything user-specific this Repeating Group is looking for, or any constraints the Repeating Group is using to do it’s search that would prevent data from loading?

For example, my database is all Company - > User based, so when they are logged in they are only seeing data from their company. If they are logged out, they don’t see anything because it’s looking for their Company’s data.

Could this be the case?

Yes check the privacy rules for the RG data type

No, I don’t believe so. I have a page with a RG. That RG is referencing a DB. That DB’s items that I want visible (everyone else default permissions) is enabled in the privacy settings . In the RG I am doing a search and nothing is showing up if a user is not logged in but is showing up with the user is logged in. I understand what you are saying, and that was my first thought, but for some reason I cannot figure out why it’s not working. The page, group and RG are all referencing the correct DB

Privacy does seem like the first thing but it seems like you’ve got that covered.

Is your query leveraging anything about “current user”?

How complex was it to set up? Maybe re-do it?

I tried to recreate the page from scratch. It is a very simple and straightforward page with a simple RG. I have no clue why it’s not working…TBH it’s probably something very simple that I just bypassed somehow bc this should not be this hard to figure out…

So what data type are you trying to search and what, if any, are the constraints being used to preform the search?

I am searching for text fields. The only constraint i have is to sort by creation date.

@bcart0v @PineappleJoe @d9999

Hey all, first I’d like to thank you all for trying to help me with this…I figured out the problem and it was relatively straight forward…

In my privacy settings I had only users can view their own company’s data. All my users have a thing under company name. What I had to do was create a new privacy rule that says “when company is empty then…”.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


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