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Data showing in app but not in database


I’ve seen this happen a couple times in my development database. When I’m testing some pages that pull data from a table into a repeating group, I see data displayed. If I look at the table in the database viewer, however, it shows that there aren’t any entries in the database. The last time this happened I re-entered the data, and then both the new and original showed up. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch with the database viewer?


Well, I figured this out seconds after posting this… For some reason it was automatically selecting a table view sometimes, and not others. After I selected the correct view the data showed up.


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I get this quote often … “where has my data gone !!!” :smile:

What did you do to get it back ?

Sometimes I noticed that data do not appear in the tab, even refreshing with the view after one or two minutes.
It’s rare but it happens.