Data is hidden in database but I know it's there

Does anyone ever have data that gets added to the database but doesn’t show up in “app data” no matter how many times you refresh the data or even refresh the editor? (And yet I can see the data on the front end when I preview the page, so I know it’s there.)

Is it some kind of caching thing?

Can’t really share an example because it doesn’t always happen.

This has been brought up before ( Data showing in app but not in database and Why isn't my list of data showing up (data view)? ), but other than refreshing, I haven’t seen an explanation.

The refresh usually fixes for me, unless I forget that I added a criteria to the view!

I totally avoid the built in “app data” tab. It feels like it’s rarely current, so I always build my own dashboards as I need them. Bit of a pain, but saves me a lot of time worrying about the built in thing.

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This likely isn’t the issue you’re running into. But it’s tripped me up before so worth sharing.

For any of your custom views of a table, ensure that there are no constraints on the search that would preclude your data from showing. It’s easy to overlook the constraints, especially if you have multiple custom views of the same table and there are no outward signals until you click into the “Modify an existing database view” popup.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. It seems what @andrewgassen says is most relevant to me (i.e. the app data tab is unreliable), but all of the answers were great and no doubt will be helpful to someone.