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Data source: "Current page thing" vs "Do a search for..."

Hello, Bubblers.
I have two Things with customised relations between each other:

  1. Plan (can have many Plan_variants);
  2. Plan_variant (can have one Plan).

I created a page with type of content “Plan”. On that page there are two fields that should solve the same task: display a number of Plan_variants that are associated with current page Plan. The difference between them is the data source:

Is this a bug? Or I missed something?

Have you added the variants to the list of variants on the plan object?

Hello. csblack.

That represents your database model, but not the actual data. You have to add the variants to the list on the plan object somehow.

I add Plan_variant to a Plan with that workflow:

Updated. After some experiments I’ve found out that there should be two-step WF to make relations between Plan and Plan_variant.
At the beginning my assumption was that a statement “Plan = Current Page Plan” will establish relations between newly created Plan_variant and current page Plan. And this was my mistake because we just make relation Plan_variant -> Plan (field “Plan” in Plan_variant is filled with current page plan, but list “Plan_variants” in Plan remains blank).
So the next step in my WF should be “add result of Step 1” to a list of Plan_variants in Plan. Now we will have relations Plan <-> Plan_variant (both sided).

Thank you, @csblack, you showed me the direction to search for :wink:

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