Display data from specific line in database

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me. I am attempting to make an app for an event I have coming up, where I have exhibitors on stands. I have created an exhibitor list page using a repeating group that displays into an individual exhibitor page correctly. I have then drawn out the floor plan using text blocks and created a page that would display the individual exhibitor data in a group.

What I am struggling with is getting the correct data to display when you click the textbox for stand A1 on the individual exhibitor page. In other words, when you click A1 it needs to go to the individual exhibitor page and only show the data for the company that are on stand A1.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


did you set the data type to the page destination to be “stand data” type in your case?
in a few word if you want to send data to a page you need to decide what type of data the page has to display and then you can show them to the page
in your case your page has to old the data for each stand

sorry for your page should have your company data and in the page have a group referring the stand info a company has!

Thanks so much for your response. Just to clarify I have created a data set with all of the exhibitor’s details e.g. name, stand number, email. I have also created a page with a list of exhibitors that is in a repeating group and when you click on one of the exhibitors from that page it does go to the page to show that exhibitors details. The bit I can’t work out is how to say when you click this box it needs to show this specific exhibitors information. I understand if it’s from a repeating group or if it’s the user’s details but not for one specific line. Do I need to create a different data set for each of the exhibitors?

if the box is in a repeating group you should have as option current cell exhibitors and that it should send just the data for that current cell could you share more info if i don’t see the workflow and the design is a bit difficult to understand:)

I have got some screenshots that will hopefully explain! :slightly_smiling_face:
The box isn’t a repeating group. I’ve got the repeating group part sorted. I hope these screenshots will help explain. I have an exhibitor list on the page called “exhibitors” when you click one of those links it goes to the page where you have “current page exhibitors details on” that all works fine.

I then have the page “floor plan” each box is a stand at the event. When you click on “A12” it needs to display the companies details who are on A12 on a page like “current page exhibitors” (i have made a duplicate if they need to have different rules to the exhibitor list). I can’t work out how to say it needs to be the company on A12 shown when clicking and then when you click C5 it would show that companies details.

what’s the data source for page floor plan?

It is the same as the exhibitor list.

ok so how exhibitor and floor plan are connected? same logic applies here:)

Sorry not 100% following you. They aren’t connected at the moment as I can’t work out how to connect just one specific line from the data set.

ok then so you need to share your editor like this i really don’t know where to start:)

Happy to do that, do i need your email to add you as a collaborator?

just share the link of your editor and on settings choose allow others user to modify

it says i don’t have any permissions to see the document

Sorry im not sure where to change permissions. I can add you by email though

Thank you! Have changed it now :slight_smile:

so what data this floor page has to hold?

So the floor plan page just has the text boxes arranged to look like the floor plan for the event. When someone clicks on one of those text boxes it needs to go to the “exhibitor” page and show the data for that specific company on that stand.