Data Structure for one product with multipe urls & prices

I’ve trying to take a similar concept from one my favorites sites but I’m struggling with how to implement it.

So in pcpartpicker

you’ll have a product say

AMD 5950x then that product will have multiple different merchants will each merchant price attached to them. For example

AMD 5950x
url to Bestbuy $699 Out of Stock
url to Newegg $759 In Stock
url to Amazon $712 out of stock

How to I go about creating the Merchant Data Structure? Then tieing the proper info such as URL, price, and Stock back to the amd 5950x?

Hi Mark,

How I see it you have two datatypes: One called product and the other called Merchant and one option set

Option set called Status In stock and out of stock
For Merchant, you can have a
text field type for the url link, called URL
status field for the status, called Status
number field, called Price

The product datatype can include
Merchant field which has multi
text field called Name
and whatever else you will like

The objective here is to link a merchants to products . Hopefully this helps



Perhaps a structure like this:

Name (text)

Name (text)
Merchant (merchant)

This way you can look up all products of a merchant. If you had a list of products under merchant it would slow down your app once you hit 100+ products. By doing it indirectly, you can have a more performant app.