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My site is a price comparison site with student discounts. This means for one product there’d be multiple different retailers, with multiple different discount levels and different prices.

Basically, for each product, how can I store this information? I know it’ll have to be multiple data entries but then the data won’t be linked between retailers. Since I am doing this through manual data entry as well and have no information from APIs - would it just make more sense to have the data set in a way that it can then just be used directly for each use I need it for? This would mean more work maintaining the database but would solve my issue somewhat?

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Sorry the entire Bubble community is in shock from the pinned new pricing thread…

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Oh no! I just had a look and honestly it seems so worrying to read. I don’t even know if I can continue with Bubble now.

Yes sorry I started typing out the whole structure to you then I just gave up thinking about the cost to do something so simple…

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I’m about to break into tears. Honestly, I saw the update about pricing and thought no worries, I’m a little while away from launching and Bubble are all about empowering non technical founders but turns out they just want my money rather than help me grow.

Yea I am so sorry I broke the news to you… everyone I guess is waiting to see if the CEOs have something to say but until then they are telling us start-ups to :fu: ourselves.


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