Data Structure with a lot of subcategories?

Hi, Noob here and have done a lot of reading on data structure but not seeing anything similar to this question. So my understanding is there is only one Database table per app (please correct me anywhere that I’m wrong here) so you’re pretty limited in flexibility.
The App I’m trying to build has a fair amount of input for each customer, but where I’m struggling is with Data that is multiple levels deep.
For Example:
Topic 1
Domain 1
Category 1
Subcategory 1
Yes/No, Rating , Solution , Notes (this would be the user input fields)
Subcategory 2
Yes/No, Rating , Solution , Notes
Subcategory 3
etc - same as above
Subcategory 4
Category 2
Same Subcategory structure and user inputs
Category 3
Domain 2
Same layout as Domain 1
Domain 3 continued

Hopefully that makes sense on the layout. So with Data Type and Data Field - only 2 entries, how would you structure the Topic 1 layout ?

Thanks in advance - truly appreciate it

You really should start there and no, you can make any number of tables you want.


You’re wrong here… you can have as many tables as you like per app (there is no limit)…

Hopefully that makes sense on the layout. So with Data Type and Data Field - only 2 entries, how would you structure the Topic 1 layout ?

It’s not clear what you mean by ‘Layout’?.. (are you talking about Database Structure)? Or page layout?

I assume (from the post title) you’re question is about database structure - in which case it looks as though you’ll want to following datatypes:

Subcategory (although you could just use a single datatype for Categories and Subcategories)

Then just add the required fields for each accordingly.

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Thanks @adamhholmes , Yes correct I’m looking at database structure. So to give a little more detail which is probably helpful, what I’m looking to build is a self evaluation forms for the NIST Cyber Security Framework, SANS CSF 18, and ISO 27001.
Topic: is which framework it is
Domain: doesn’t change, this is static per framework, multiple Domains
Category: doesn’t change, static per framework, multiple categories
Subcategory: again doesn’t change, static and multiple per framework
Then the user entered fields are: Yes/No, Rating, Solution, Notes

Does it make sense then to structure it like this below ?

Thanks again !!!

No… that doesn’t make sense (I’m not actually sure what it’s meant to be… all 3 datatypes are identical?!..)…

In any case, I would stick with my original suggestion…

You’ll need the following datatypes and fields (as a minimum):

Name (text)

Name (text)
Category (Category)

Name (text)
Domain (text)
Category (Category)
Subcategory (Subcategory)
Yes/no (yes/no)
Rating (Number?)
Solution (???)
Notes (text)

Thanks for the quick response
The data types I have above are all unique, 1, 2, 3

My current confusion is with the subcategories and that each will have multiple entries, either way, I’ll build it out for some testing how you outlined above.

Really appreciate the assistance , have a great weekend

How are they unique?.. (they’re literally identical)

Or are you referring to something else, not in your screenshot?

Maybe I’m wrong, again I’m very new to Bubble but was thinking that the number at the end made them unique

They might have unique names… but the actual data structure is identical… so what’s the point of them if they are all the same?

In any case, it sounds as though you’d do well to spend some time learning the basics of relational databases, and how to build your database in Bubble before going any further…

Getting the general database structure correct from the start is a must if you want to build your app efficiently.

There is plenty of great info here in the forum, as well as in the Bubble manual and on YouTube etc.

Once you’ve got your head around the basics, it will all make sense.