How to structure the all-important database

I’m struggling badly to link up elements & content to data in my app (I’m a newbie) and need advice on what DATA TYPES I should have in the database, which is possibly where I’m going wrong.

The app has three main pages:

  1. “Question page” - where users are asked questions, which there are four different “types” of
  2. “Answer page” - that show all the answers submitted by users to a particular question, and are ranked according to how many users give the same answer
  3. “A user’s store of answers page” - that show all the answers submitted to questions by a single user

I’m thinking therefore that I should have at least two data types, 1) User and 2) Question.

But do I need more data types?

The three different pages all need to link up to one another for the app to work. Hopefully the image below is self-explanatory.

Thank you!


Title (text)
Gifts (list of gifts)

Title (text)

Gift (gift)
Question (question)
User that answers (user)

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Hi martin,

Firstly i want to refer to you a great blog written by airdev on how to structure your database because it is a very important concept you should know in process of creating your app and growing it.

1.) Structure the database - Bubble Development Best Practices Guide

Secondly, Can you please tell more about what do you mean by gifts actually. Aso, it is mostly like a Q & A type of platform so refer the database model of quora here How To Build A Quora Clone Without Code - Bubble

Best regards
Priyanshu goyal
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Thank you very much @cmarchan

Unfortunately I don’t fully understand what you mean. My apologies!

Are you saying that…

  • the Question page comprises 3 data types (question, title and gifts);
  • the “leaderboard” page comprises 2 data types (gift and title); and
  • the “user’s answers” page comprises 4 data types (answer, gift, question and user that answers)?

And from this, therefore, are you able to determine how many different data types there should be in total?

Thanks again

Hi @Priyanshu-Goyal

Many thanks for your reply - I certainly need to study the blog you mentioned!

“Gifts” is of no significance, it’s merely an example of a question. Another example of a question might be , “What is your favourite movie?”. I hope that makes sense.