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Data To All Users (Solved)

If you want to send data to a user you have the options as specified in the images attached:

is there a way to send data to all users or can bubble possibly add the feature to select the option of all users instead of current users? Even be able to select an option all items under a search for users as it restricts us to a specific user.

If you edit the data to the Current User (anyone who’s signed in) their data will change when they sign in which is in essence “all users” - or at least active ones.

Hi @dylan.phillipslevine
So for example if I send data on the 23rd of June to current user (anyone who’s signed in) and the user logs in on the 29th of June. Will they get the data previously sent once they log in?


“Current User” refers to the User that is currently logged into the page that the workflow is running on.

If nobody is actually logged in, then Bubble will use a cookie based dummy user.

Hi @NigelG

How are you able to send the data to the user list even when they are not logged in? So that when they do log in, they will see it there.

Don’t you want to just do “Make Changes to a list of Users” …

So pick …

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@NigelG You are a star! This is exactly what I am looking for! :grin: