Sending data between pages with a current page user and current user

Hi bubblers.

I am fairly new to bubble and I am struggling with sending data from one page to another.

I have two users - current page user and current user on one of my pages.

The master (current page user) user can share his profile page and other people can then add details, dates and then sign up to the app.

I am then trying to get the inputs from the first profile page to flow through the second page.

The current user’s name flows through to the input on the final page that has the initial content ‘current user - name’ , but the chosen dates don’t flow through to the inputs on the next page where the initial content is ‘current user - start date’ or ‘current user - end date’. I have tried different versions of creating a thing / making a change to user and none seem to make the dates flow through to the second page input.

I have taken a screen shot. I may be completely wrong on this, but I believe a reason why the current user name flows through is because they have signed up to the app, so perhaps it doesn’t need to be sent as a parameter ??

It may not be significant but the type of page content is set to USER.

Hi @ODLoc,

Add new key like “user” and add current user’s unique id. Get this user details from the “Get data from the url” and extract the data from “user” and type is “text”. And get search this user unique id from user table on Page load.

The current user will be the one that is signed up. So if, when they sign up, you add in some additional data to the user, it will also flow through.

No need to send it as a parameter.