Data Type Vs Option Set

Hello everyone. I’m new to and I need your help.

I’m building an app (right now I’m working with the database) and this app has a section in which users have to choose a lot of options with checkboxes (like amenities in Airbnb if you know).

For several categories (that are static), I used the Option Sets (because I read that is faster)
but I’m unsure what to use Data Type or Option Sets for this one.

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @fabian.banushi… I just saw this new video yesterday from the Coahcing No Code App folks, and I think you will definitely want to check it out.


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My knee-jerk response to this would be that Amenities (and things of that nature) are potentially quite complex objects, you might be updating them regularly, etc. (and this would argue that they be Things)… But… if it’s more of a one-time setup thing (and you don’t mind the not-so-great interface for populating the values), then it’s actually kind of a tossup.

That video by Abby that @mikeloc linked to is very good at explaining the pros and cons.

Note: I actually built a huge collection of Amenity objects for one of my Bubble projects and I never would have populated those in the Data tab. I built a little admin page that made it much faster and easier to get my Amenitys up and running. I wouldn’t have wanted to do that in the Option Set interface, but if the number of these that YOU have isn’t too long… that kind of argues for doing them as Options.

Thank you Mikeloc and Keith for your response.

Mikeloc I saw the video it was really helpful. Thank you
Keith There are around 150 options to add. And I think I’m gonna go with the Data Type.

Thanks again, guys.

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