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Option Set / Data Type Bug?

I found a bug. Well heres the issue.

If i go make a form, complex one at that. Make some adjustments, use option sets at first then decide to change the form and use a data type instead, when it comes to adding a submit button and filling out the workflow to add data collected from the form, I start getting empty data. ill test the form i made, add info to make sure everything works fine. And soon as I go hit submit, and go reference the app data in the database, all i get is a completely blank unfilled data type.


Legit bug?

When this happens, I literally have to remake the entire form from scratch. with new data types etc. This process is very tiring and im literally thinking about letting the client know and finding a new no-code competitor. Because Ive already wasted 1 month on this hair pulling project. Suggestions?

Hi there,

You can file a bug report at