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Data types 's field type cannot be changed?

I did not see an option to change the field type? only a trash-can icon to delete…

unfortunately, no it’s permanent otherwise you need to create a new one, from my side logic because its aws hosting.

says I have a Data-Type A with field-type = number
and I create a new Date-Type B with field-type = text
is there a way to copy all content from A to B in ?
so I can delete A and re-name B to A

If A have fields in common try to do a search with the common field and use make changes action.
If the fields in the same data type > you can just add an action to make changes B = A converted to a list or something to locate every cell for changing.

hope you can instruct me more details HOW-TO
am I able to do so with in Personal account?

Sure, how many data is there?
Is A | B in the same data type or not?

The current account you are using right now called version-test, which mean that the data you have in your DB is not visible on live-version.
Conclusions: Use few data to test and managed.

I have a data-type named “A” with 400 records in it. (field-type = number)
and I want to change its field-type from “number” to “text”
there’s no option to change the field-type, so I create a new data-type named “B” field-type = text
and the question will be HOW-TO duplicate A’s 400 records content into B ?
then, I can delete A and re-name B to A

it’s like doing a SQL: Update myTable Set B = convert2text( A ) where A > 0

There’s no need to create a new datatype…

Just add a new field to the original datatype (text) and copy the old field (number) to the new one.

Then you can delete the old number field form the datatype.

Grab a button ‘A’ > Create action ‘Button A’ clicked > Make changes to a list of things > 1)Data type A 2)do a search for(Data type A) > add B=A
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 9.57.53 PM

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I see… use Workflow to perform like command lines. it works! thank you!!

Good luck mate