Allow modification of Field Type for Fields in Data Type

I came across a Field Type mismatch and wanted to update one of the fields from text to number, but I have no way to do that other than deleting the field and re-adding it – which means I lose all of the data. It would be nice to have a way to modify the field type.

I want to change this to a number instead of text.

It’s actually quite tricky for database reasons, but you could dos a one time operation and create a new field and use the old field value. Use our bulk operation feature for this.


Thanks Emmanuel, I’ll look into that feature if I need it in the future.

This is also an issue I’m facing… but where is the bulk operation to handle this?

I’ve got a type conflict after importing hundreds of thousands of entries that took hours to import and I don’t want to delete the data and re-import again.

Any work around for turning a field from text to a number?

Bulk operations are done in the data tab, app data section, using a workflow API.

Next, you can search in the reference and that’ll tell you where to look for it…

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I guess Bubble can consider adding a partial feature to perform some certain type of conversions automatically such as converting numbers to text or options to text. Unless it slow down the Bubble infrastructure because of frequent use.