Database API where condition not apply

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I am new to bubble, when i try to GET particular user details. using below link. But it was not applied. it will retrieve all employee details. kindly help me someone.

II think you should read this to understand how search constraints work

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And If I remember, you will need to store the email into another field (text) to be able to search it

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Hi @Jici thank you for quick response,

Yes i will checked that type also, but no use. I had changed the parameter, user email to user Name and check it, but these also not working. It will retrieve all user details.

Kindly click the above link, you can understand the exact issue.


You cannot provide it this way. Did you read the link? You need to use a constraints parameter with a json url encoded

@Jici thank you for your responce, As per your advice. I have checked using constraints, but that also not procedure proper responce. For your referrence i have mentioned the link in below . FYI, In below mentioned link, I have mentioned my application API token.[{"key"%3A"Email"%2C"constraint_type"%3A"text%20equals"%2C%20"value"%3A""}]

Kindly find the link and help to resolve it bro @Jici


Like I told you, you cannot search email if you didn’t create a new email field to store it. I guess this is also case sensitive and the entire payload need to be url encoded

example using name with pureflo[{ "key"%3A%20"name"%2C "constraint_type"%3A%20"equals"%2C "value"%3A%20"pureflo" }]

Don’t forget to revoke and change your api token :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You should not make it public here :wink: