[Solved] Help with api search

Hello, I need help to understand how I use this: https://bubble.io/reference#API.get_api.search_call
I would appichiate help!
I need to learn this thing inside the api (Getting a list of things and search)

Have you searched the forums? There’s a lot of good commentary around how to use the API, along with screenshots, walkthroughs, etc.

Additionally, some people have created video’s to explain APIs with Bubble. I suspect Gaby has one on her Youtube channel. So that’d be another place to look.

I have but I cant seem to find the one that learn me about the “Getting a list of things and search” part of the api. Do you have a link that explain the “Getting a list of things and search” part better than the API reference?

I had to read, read and read the reference and I had to try many times before I finelly found this out myself since no one else could help me.

This is the full url I was looking for:

This is the part of the url that I acually needed:

I still needed to encode the url but that was easy as I just needed to paste it in the url bar in chrome then hit enter and it would encode the url for me.

Here is what I got from the final url:
“response”: {
“results”: [
“Created Date”: “2018-07-30T21:52:09.716Z”,
“Modified Date”: “2018-08-01T18:02:31.646Z”,
“user_signed_up”: true,
“authentication”: {
“email”: {
“email”: "HiddenForPrivacyReasons@gmail.com",
“email_confirmed”: null
}This text will be hidden
“username”: “ThisIsAUsername”,
“verified”: false,
“verification-code”: “cGdeRT”,
“_id”: “1532987529712x228492892347276200”,
“_type”: “user”
“cursor”: 0,
“count”: 1,
“remaining”: 0


Thanks for posting @ohbergan - I haven’t started with APIs yet so I was unable to help but I’m studiously attempting to post solutions I build/find out for myself too. I appreciate you posting the solution. At least I know where to look when I need it.

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