Database changes are not taken into account

After that a user changes his stripe subscription plan in my app, there should be changes in the database related to some actions the user can do in my app. But nothing happens.

This is what I want in the database to change :

But this is what is written in the Logs:

I don’t understand why my “remaining files” is “remaining_question” and my “remaining questions” is “remaining_questions1”. It’s like something is messed up.

Do someone know why nothing changes in my database?

Hmm that’s odd. Do you remember if when creating the field you first created it as “remaining questions” and later changed it to “remaining files”? That shouldn’t matter but just taking a shot in the dark here.

I had a deleted field which was named “Remaining Question”, but I was not using it for the remaining files. And the actual names of the active fields have always been the same from their creation. I don’t think this is the problem, but I’ll sure try to fix the problem by restoring the deleted field

I found the problem but idk how to resolve it.
The problem is related to the stripe portal plugin that I use. When I subscribe for a first time trough the stripe plugin, then everything is doing correctly. But when the user changes his subscription plan trough the stripe customer portal, his subscription infos are changing but other changes are not affecting the current user :

But I don’t think it is related to the plugin directly, but more of the configuration I have in bubble.

This here is working :

But this isn’t (it’s the same for all steps 2 to 8):

Do someone know why it isn’t changing anything? (every step from 2 to 8 is for different use cases for different subscription plan levels)

I found the solution !

The “make changes to…” must be like this:

Note: You need to put correctly the “thing to change” and “only when” fields as shown above