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Database Connector Questions

I was very impressed to find the Database Connector Plugin.

I been working on a PostgreSQL database. And I’d like to use Bubble to build a new front end. This is SO much better than what I’m used to. So… here’s a few questions.

1- If I use the Bubble’s DB Plugin, will I still be able to use ALL of Bubble’s features? What are the advantages of using Bubble’s internal DB?

2- Can I bind tables and views and then use them as I would any other Thing? Or will I have to read records into a Bubble Thing first?

3- How efficient is using a remote database like this? Will there be much of a speed penalty?

Thanks for your input on this! REALLY enjoying live Bubble Lessons.

I haven’t came to the point where I required the use of the database connector, but it sounds like it’s pretty useful.