Sql connector VS bubble database

I’m finally in “production” with my app - but the cost of the “working units” with the way I’m running is going to be crazy.

My simple question is - will it be cheaper to have my app utilize the SQL connector to display records then syncing my current postrges database with my bubble database?

Context: I have a property listings website. Right now there are about 790k records that are managed through an SQL database on a private server. I am then using a sync tool to sync new/updated records to my bubble database, and records on the site are displayed from the bubble db.

For this month I’m already at 11 million working units, and we’re not done the month yet!

I am trying to find someone now that can setup the app for me to run with the SQL connector rather than the way it is currently , but still the question I have is how much will the SQL CONNECTOR plugin eat up working units as well if set up that way?

( my site is www.revamp365.io )

Less… if all your WU usage is from creating/updating things in your DB to keep it in sync with SQL, then using a SQL connector bypasses all of that.

But if you’re using Bubble with just an external database that’s not Xano (or similar) you might be better off on another platform all together like WeWeb.