Database for trip itinerary?

New to DB.

How do you design data fields when several fields are kind of collective like in a trip itinerary - departure place, destination, departure date, return date, number of people.

As a newbie to DB, each seems individual data field but they only all together mean something, not individually. Are there any samples for such?


Can you provide a bit more info about the data you’re storing and how you want to process/query it.

Thanks @gazinhio.

What I aim to achieve is

  1. let travelers register their flight itineraries (probably data field: itinerary) - places of departure and arrival and dates of departure and arrival and number of people traveling (in number of adults, children and infants).

  2. Then, group same itineraries (by places and dates) and display in repeating groups. So, the place of departure/arrival and dates of departure/arrival must be treated as a single data field, I guess?

Is this good enough to explain?

Thanks in advance.

So you effectively need a way for people to put their itineraries in and do a search for all locations and dates that are held in the database which match their criteria. Then possibly store their itineraries to retrieve later. Are you planning to store the search data yourself in the database or are you planning to use APIs to pull that data from elsewhere?