Database had disappeared

Hello, I don’t know what happend, but after me and my boss bought the personal plan, and changed our database to live version, I came to work today and I would continue programming my system, but when I clicked in database it wasn’t there anymore, the fields had disappeared tell me what I’m supposed to do to solve this problem

Hey there @bubble01,

Welcome to the Bubble community! Could you provide a screenshot or video of the problem so we can better diagnose? From the sounds of it, make sure your browser is at 100%

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If you mean that nothing is displaying in the database tab (nothing at all, rather than just no data) then it could be to do with your browser zoom settings.

Make sure your browser is set to 100% zoom, and the refresh the editor to see if that works.

If not, then post some screen shots of what you’re seeing to see if anyone here can help.

My browser is in 100% zoom bro, I take a screeshot and send y’all

My browser is in 100% zoom bro, I take a screeshot and send you all

How can you see my fields do not appears anymore help me guys, This is in portuguese cause I’m brazilian

Are you sure your browser is at 100% not 90% not 110%, but 100%. This is a very common issue I see here on the forums and it’s always with the zoom :blush:

I can show you, that is 100% bro, Hold up

It’s how should be bro, there are no solutions anymore?

Is your browser full screen?

no bro

Try making it fullscreen

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Ok, I’II do it

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Glad to see it worked!

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