I can't create fields in the database

I can’t create fields in the database, it doesn’t appear create new field

Hi there, @webmaab… I am not experiencing the issue you have described, so I would suggest the following:

  1. Try refreshing your editor

  2. Post a screenshot so we can see what you are seeing

  3. Submit a bug report to Bubble


amigo obrigado pela resposta… mas consegui resolver aqui ok.

consegui resolver amigo era só a questão do zoom do navegado acredita

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Are you in the live database? (and not development)

I’m with the same problem. My browser (Chrome - version 99.0.4844.84) is set do 100% zoom. When I click “Create a new field”, the input for “Field Name” do not show.

Same problem here! And also when I try to create a new entry, the text fields are not accessible.

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I have the same problem…

How can i fix this? i am having the same problem. but when i try to use another program like firefox or edge it works normal.

Same problem here… Did anyone fixed it?

I had this problem since yesterday
I just upgrade the bubble to latest version (Refresh the editor)
Fixed my issue.

I’m with the samer problem here

Hello everyone, it seams that the issue is related to one extention. I still didn’t find the route cause, but I found a quick fix. I open the browers in the private tab, log in and BINGO. Everything start to work well. Hope this helps you!

Just to add that on Chrome the extention that was “breaking” everything was the openbuild extention. Hope this help.