Database help needed

I’ve been building my app for a few weeks now, and it’s almost ready to go live. However, I’ve now looked at my app data from all the testing I’ve been doing as it’s being built and it’s a mess! I’m a bit worried about taking people’s data when they sign up and use the app when it’s not clear to me how it’s being organised in the back. Can anyone who is good at databases look at it with me (perhaps over a skype call) to help make sense of it?

Just to show how confusing it is… I have two versions of “all users” - the tables both list the same users but different data that’s been captured about them (but some overlapping data too).


You can have as many reports with the same name, it doesn’t affect your database with only one USERS, so don’t worry about that. Be sure to explore the forum for database guidance.

Thanks. I realised quite late in the game that these are just views that one can manipulate at will! So worries have eased!