Checking Database Setup

Hey all, I think I’m struggling a bit with understanding how to structure my database for an sports school + recruitment app I’m helping out with:

There will be players, coaches and staff assistants and then on the other side, recruiters that these players can flag interest in and recruiters can save and follow players. Players will also have certain modules they will have to submit and assistants will keep track of these and will give feedback on them too. The purpose will also be so that we can track which players go where, their progress along development etc.

I’m not sure if I need to just have a field on User that designates which role any of these people are, or if it is justified to have a different user type for Players, Coaches, Recruiters, etc. since I can see needing different fields for each of them. Would that be a many-to-many relationship (aka would I need a field “interested recruiters (list)” on Player and “player watchlist (list)” on recruiter etc.?

Thanks for sticking through this long just want to make sure the database is setup right so there’s no trainwrecks in the future.