Database layout for a dynamic form

We are struggling a little bit with how to set up the DB for a dynamically created form.
We created questions in the DB with different types (text, dropdowns, radio buttons, etc)
The display of the questions generated from the DB is no problem but how do we save the submissions of the form? As the form is created dynamically how does the system understand which answer to which question it is ?

So, you already have a datatype for ‘Question’…

Additionally, you’ll need a datatype for ‘Answer’, with fields for all the possible ‘types’ of data values, a field that connects it to the question, and a field to connect it to whatever other datatype it relates to (if that’s User, and the User it relates to is the User who created the answer, then you can just use the built-in Created By field for that. Otherwise just add a field of whatever type it relates to). I’d also include a ‘Type’ field on the Answer (the same as on the Question) just to make thing easier to display.

You can also store the list of answers on the datatype of the related Thing (there are pros and cons to this, so it depends a bit on your use-case)…