Saving Dynamic Form Answers

Hi Bubblers!

I have a question for y’all that I’m a little stumped on.

I am trying to make an Application Forms bubble application, similar to Google Forms and the part that I am stuck on is saving the dynamic data.

I’ve mapped out what I’m trying to do below.

  • Dynamic Questions (Create your own questions)
  • Dynamic Type of Questions (Choose from Short Answer, Long Answer, Multiple Choice, etc)

I’ve done all the above and I am trying to save the data now.

How would I go about doing that?

If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say please feel free to ask me for clarification!

Thank you in advance!

Create a data table to store the info with the appropriate fields and types.

Place a button to save.

On the button “start edit workflow” create a wf that creates a new thing of the data table by selecting Data things > create a new thing

Add the values dynamically by mapping to your input fields.

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I know that’s an option, but that’s exactly what I don’t want to do. I want it to be a list of questions with answers in them, then have one button that submits the application and saves all the data.

What I described will do just that.

From what I understand. You are saying that I should have a repeating group, fixed cells to 1 and have a next question button? And once you click on that question it saves? Is that what you are saying? Would you be able to provide a visual for me, as I’m a visual learner? If not, all good

I do not see a need to have a RG for this. You have a form with labels (text) and inputs (single line, multiline, radio, dropdown etc)

For example:

Name: Input name
Address 1: Input address1
City: Input city
State: Dropdown: select state

and so on with whatever your form requires

When the button is pushed it creates the ‘thing’ saving dynamic values.

If this does not make sense I will create a sample app for you , np

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If it helps, draw a picture of the form on a piece of paper and show us. A picture can be very very helpful.

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Will do! I’ll draw a pic once I get home! Thanks for willing to help!

Take a look at this as an example.

I think you are referring to this type of Form software? ->

I created this template, so if it seems like what you are after I am happy to help describe any part of it

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Right now, I don’t have a direct screenshot, but I want to be working into the concept of Google Forms. In my case I want an application system built into my website and not have to utilize solutions outside of my app such as Google Forms. I want to have the same concept as Google Forms, for example, I want to be able to create questions from an Admin Dashboard, in contrast to Google Forms it would look like this:

I also want to be able to change the type of questions, for example, short answer, long answer, multiple choice, etc. In contrast, this is an example from Google Forms

I want to be able to make Dynamic Question, which is easy to accomplish, but the part that I am having troubles with is, submitting the list of questions with the answers in the inputs, radio buttons, etc. Or in Contrast to Google Forms, clicking the “Submit” button

When I click the button I want to be able to save the list of answers from the questions that were dynamically made. I just have no clue how to accomplish that.

From what I am understanding from you guys is creating a form that has a next button after every question is answered, and have that next button save that question’s answer, but that isn’t what I want to do. I want a master button that saves all the answers to the dynamic questions.

@troy.roberge @gf_wolfer @AliFarahat @elledarrow

Yes, something similar to that. The question I have is how are you saving the data when there is a list of multiple choice or short answer questions all on one page?


Click the editor link above.
Click Preview
Enter form stuff.
Click save.
Go to Data tab on the left -> app data. You’ll see your form data entered.
Go study the workflow to see how to save and you will have your own form in no time!

The example you provided is not what I want to do, because I want the questions to be dynamic, not static which is what your example shows

I feel like the best thing you can do right now is scour the forums, and check out some courses on

What you are looking for is really easy to do, it just involves you designing and laying out your ideas first. I use a notebook to write down my ideas.

For your dynamic questions i would lay them all out in the database and have a column for question type. When the question is loaded, you would use conditions to determine what elements are visible.

But again, check some videos on YouTube and courses on udemy and you will learn what you need to.

Yes, I have a design that I want to do and such along with the dynamic questions setup. I have my data like this:

  • Question (Text)
  • Question Type (Text)
  • Question Required? (Y/N)

But the issue that I’m struggling with is how to save all the answers to the questions when it’s a list of questions not when its each individual question.

@johnny I just changed the radio and dropdown to dynamic.

It does indeed save all answers with one save button.

The answers get saved as the Input Values are changed, using the “This Input’s Value is Changed” workflow triggers

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Ah! How do you save the data from the inputs?

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He actually was asking this question due to what seemed to us as a complicated idea, in which we used a question-by-question resolution to solve this problem.

We were trying to display all the questions at once, and had a simple question. You are a rather rude individual :smiley:

I have personally completed every bubble tutorial, and then did the master version on about half of them. This is something that seemed complex to us, and we merely requested help.

If you are going to be aggressive, please don’t help?

Appreciate it :smiley:

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