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[Database Limits] Lowering plan and mantaining Database

Hello community!

I have a question about database limits and how do they work when lowering my app’s plan.

So i have an app built that has 1500+ records that worked for some months, but now it isn’t working anymore, so i would need to downgrade the app’s plan to Free Tier. The problem is that i need to keep the records and i’m afraid/dont’ know what happens if i downgrade the app to the Free plan limits, would 1300 items dissapear (because of the 200 items limit on Free tier)?.

How does this work? Do the items keep saved indefinitely/some time until i upgrade again to a paid plan or they just dissapear from the DB?

Thank you!


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Hi there, @tgmoron… this thread should answer your question.


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No changes are made to your database if your plan is downgraded; you just won’t be able to view the data in your app, and you’ll receive notifications that your app is over its database limit.

I would not be able to view the data neither the app or the DB or just the app? i mean, can i still access to the tables?

My understanding is you can’t see more than 200 items in the editor or the app, but I have never seen it for myself, so it couldn’t hurt to check with Support. It would also be interesting to know how the limit takes effect once you downgrade. I’m guessing it would show the first 200 items that were created, regardless of the data type in which they were created, but I have no idea if that’s true.

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Makes sense! Will contact Support and update this post

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Update from Bubble’s support!

Thanks for reaching out! When you downgrade to the Free plan, your paid features are not deleted or altered, but rather disabled for the amount of time that the downgrade lasts. When you reupgrade, these features are intact and enabled. This includes custom domains, files, app data, and plugins, etc. You will still be able to view your existing data in the app data tab, however you will not be able to add new data.


What about paid plugins? What happens to those when I downgrade to free plan? Thanks.

The plugins shouldnt be affected, since they run independently from the account plan