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Is database size blowing up?

I’m on the free plan. I’m planning to upgrade soon but there’s a few more things I want to do. I’ve noticed recently that the % of database used is increasingly disproportionately and I can’t see why. This morning I’ve deleted quite a significant chunk of it by removing a page which had no effect on the overall size. I’ve just added a record which is very few fields and the size has increased 2%.
Is this a way of forcing getting onto a paid plan, which I plan to do anyway or is there something untoward going on in the underlying database that’s causing it to expand?
Any knowledge would be appreciated.

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… I’m not sure I understand your description of what is going on, but the data-related limitation on the free plan pertains to the number of things you have created in your data types (i.e., the things that appear on the App data tab), and that limit is 200 things. The limitation has nothing to do with the number of data types, fields, or pages you have… it is only related to things that are saved in your data types. My apologies if you understood that already and something weird is happening with your app (if that’s the case, you should contact Bubble support), but it didn’t sound (to me, at least) like your description of the issue matches the definition of the limitation on the free plan, so I thought I would try to clarify that limitation.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mike
Many thanks for coming back to me. My understanding isn’t all that great so your reply is helpful. Can I clarify, when you say the limit is 200 “things” (and the reminder of this is very helpful because I’d forgotten) does this mean “records/rows of data in my tables” or is it referring to a total count of inputs/texts/pages etc? As the data in my db is all garbage, test stuff at the moment, I can afford to delete most of it to reduce the size. I was just surprised to see an increase from 85% to 87% just by adding one record this morning so I thought maybe it had corrupted (in my world, spreadsheets do this and I wondered if Bubble apps might do similar)
I really appreciate your help though. Many thanks.

Yup, that. :slight_smile:

If you delete some of that garbage/test data, you should see the percentage toward the limitation go down.

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Brilliant! Every day’s a school day. That makes sense…I don’t like seeing things reaching capacity!
Thank you.

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