Database mapping tool

Does anybody know if there is a database design tool that works with bubble’s database types? I’m trying to use drawSQL, but it doesn’t like the field types in bubble, and I can’t seem to create bespoke field types…

If anybody comes back to this in the future, I have answered my own question: the tool I am using is It allows you to built data structure visualisations using code. Feels a bit weird using a code-based tool to diagram a no-code database, but I’m just gonna go with it :smiley:


Looks like a great tool.
Ive been using till now, which also did the trick and is probably more user friendly as it doesnt require any coding., but i couldnt get it to draw filed to field relations like does. I might switch over :slight_smile:

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Lucid Chart, free for limited diagrams. Need to add the Entity Relationship shape from the Shape Library.

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