Entity relationship diagrams

Hi all,

what are the best tools (ideally free!) which people use to design their databases for bubble?

I’m interested in designing via an entity relationship diagram in particular?

I have explored a few tools such as the following:

but haven’t found anything that seems like a great fit.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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I revive this to ask official Bubble team if there is something remotely similar to this explorer. @allenyang @emmanuel

In an ideal world, an opening a bubble app API data would also create a map with tables, fields; relation where lists of things are, and some sprinkles here and there. @vlad @ Airdev recommends starting any bubble project with the database and I agree. Starting with this kind of tool directly in Bubble should be a great experience I guess ?

Or maybe it’s out of scope cause the moment you have something as crazy as that below, you should not depend on a tool to expose your data model for you ?

P.S : [New Free Plugin] Air Database Diagram - #39 by ryanck seems to be broken