Database operation


I added a new data field (number) to a data type. But my existing database is already large. The default value is 1 for this field, but because the field was created after the creation of a large part of the database, that new field is empty in most cases. Is it possible to assign for example the value 1 to all data in one time through the editor?


Using API workflows, you can create a process that searches for all entries where the “number” field is empty and set it to 1. Then you can create a button that launches the workflow.

Beware as operations on list can take tremendous amount of time, depending the length of the list (specially if your app plan is on a shared server).

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Use the “bulk” operation in the data tab to run an API Workflow that does what you need to do on all records. (You must be on a paid account.)

Alternatively, do this in a page (you can use something tricky like my List Shifter plug in to iterate over a list of things). Caveat, you must leave that page open while it works its magic. Might be faster than the first alternative (it depends on a lot of factors – you may reach throttling limits in this case. Really depends on what you mean when you say your database is “already large”).