Database Privacy real?

Hey guys, I’m seeing a lot of my App’s private information through the browser’s dev tool.

I’ve already inserted the permission to allow only certain user roles in the privacy section and it keeps appearing.

Also tested in browser private mode
Is it because it is not the Live version of the App?

I’m seeing this database informations on static.js


can you share you app data privacy screen shot, if you have privacy set when the condition is not true data should not be shown.

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At the end of static.js
I’m in login page in browser private mode. It doesnt show sensitive data inside entrys just shows the types and his fields. But this is sensitive for me.

Privacy rules prevent the transmission of the protected values to the browser.
The name of the fields is still public, it’s the value that stays private.

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Is it possible to block this informations at least in one page like login page?

what do you think?
If your field names must stay private the bubble database can’t help you.
You have to look to external solutions.

It is not possible

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